Elton John ‘Threatened’ By Boyfriend With Freddie Mercury


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury and Elton John shared a manager, John Reid, and John apparently felt ‘threatened’ by Queen’s success. John and Reid also dated in the 70’s, as dramatized in ‘Rocketman.’ Freddie Mercury coming out of the closet to a rock icon was recently revealed.

According to David Minns: John was fantastic for Freddie but not, it would seem, for all other members of the band. In the end, Freddie was outvoted by Brian, Roger and John.”

Roger Taylor also suggested that part of the reason they moved to another management was because Elton John was jealous feeling “a bit threatened” by their success. Freddie Mercury describing an ‘affair’ was recently revealed.

John Reid and Freddie, however, remained great friends. Freddie invited both Reid & Elton to his 37th birthday in 1983. Reid was also at Freddie’s epic 39th birthday party (see 7th photo). Freddie Mercury Club also posted:

Radio Gaga (Wembley)💥

Freddie someone still loves you ❤
So stick around cause we might miss you
When we grow tired of all this bullshit (that is today’s music)
You had your time
You had the power
You’ve yet to have your finest hour…(I truly believe that) 💪
You made us laugh, you made us cry
You made us feel like we could fly…(and you still do) 💛

P.S. That lucky lucky crowd that giant wave of love clapping in perfect unison to their one true King/Queen and leader sends shivers down my spine…
I’m in love with that last view of him opening his arms/wings wide with his royal subjecin view…as his head is towards the heavens and fists in the air he’s defying all the gods above…

The most charismatic, original, powerful, talented, yet natural mortal that has ever walked this earth but no mortal man could win this game…that’s why our Freddie is and forever will be IMMORTAL.” Freddie Mercury’s first gay date was recently detailed.