Pearl Jam Member Reveals If He Fears Breakup


Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready discussed how the band have avoided splitting up in a new SiriusXM interview. PJNB transcribed some of his remarks on the Ten Club boards and we tried to edit a bit for clarity, but they may not be exact as he couldn’t rewind properly, so these should be taken as paraphrases. A Pearl Jam member confirmed if the band have new album or touring plans a couple of days ago.

The interviewer asked, “Big year for the band with 25th anniversary of Vitalogy. Is it crazy to celebrate with a band still intact?

McCready responded, “I never know it is an anniversary unless someone tells me. I’m proud that we’re still around and still talking about the record, grateful. I do not understand why but a cool thing nothing I ever expected to happen.”

McCready then discussed the keys to the band still being together, and why they haven’t broken up. Eddie Vedder showing up at a massive show with Alice In Chains was revealed in new photos a few days ago.

“The keys are compromise and respect [after] fighting with each other. An ability to experiment with songs, world beat vibe, techno, no parameters. Of course going to shows people coming to see us, I’m grateful for that. A new generation of fans are equally as important.”

Pearl Jam currently do not have any tour dates booked or a new album announced, though they are rumored to tour, with talk of a Live Aid type show, and release a new album in 2020. The band last toured North America in 2018 with limited stadium shows, and their last album was 2013’s Lightning Bolt.