Paul McCartney Rips ‘Stupid’ The Beatles Classic


The Beatles icon revealed how releasing so many of his solo and Beatles archive projects can begin to look ‘stupid’ in a new Q&A on his official website. Paul McCartney’s wife reacts to Jimi Hendrix affair rumor. It sounds a little bit like our website feature Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket where we refer to those tracks as ‘deep cuts’.

Paul: Maybe one day it would make an album. The funny thing is, I was friends with an American artist that I admire a lot called Saul Steinberg. I asked him if he would do a cover for it and he did. It’s a nice thing! So, I’ve got the cover and maybe one of these days it will get released.

The thing is, how much can you release without it looking stupid, you know? New album, Archive Collection reissues, and then The Beatles stuff! So, it’s hard to slot in another thing, but maybe one of these days. It would be an interesting little thing! Ozzy Osbourne recently revealed what Paul McCartney did to his wife.

McCartney recently wrapped up his ‘Freshen Up’ tour in North America at Dodger Stadium, reuniting with Ringo Starr for a powerful performance. McCartney just released his ‘Hey Grandude’ children’s book, and is currently promoting that with book signings, readings, and new interviews. Ringo Starr was recently spotted with Paul McCartney’s daughter.