Freddie Mercury Came Out Of The Closet To Rock Icon


Queen frontman Freddie Mercury came out of the closet as gay to iconic rock and roll manager John Reid, according to Freddie Mercury club. Reid was portrayed in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Rocketman,’ though his role as a villain has been criticized by people who have defended his actions. Freddie Mercury describing an ‘affair’ was recently revealed. Freddie Mercury Club reported:

John Reid was Queen’s manager for 3 years 1975-1977 (after their fruitless contract with Trident). Queen played Reid a 40min gig at Bridge Farm and in Reid’s words: “I was blown away.”

Reid became Queen’s manager & it was also the start of a friendship btw him & Freddie. They went to dine & talk. Reid said “Hope U know I’m gay & it’s no problem” Freddie dropped his fork & said “So am I!” .Freddie also wrote “The Millionaire Waltz” for Reid. Freddie Mercury’s recording for a gay lover was revealed a few days ago.

By late 1977 it seemed John Reid lacked time to manage both Queen and Elton John properly. So Queen’s lawyer Jim Beach managed their exit from Reid Enterprises. Despite what you see in that so called “biopic” the separation was 100% amicable & Freddie never fired Reid “making decisions for the band” as the movie suggests! But then again that is one of the smallest things in the film that’s the complete opposite of reality.

Freddie Mercury called Jimi Hendrix attractive in a resurfaced quote. Freddie Mercury Club also recently said:

Who did it better? Blessing your #MercuryMonday with a post I’ve been meaning to do forever. Long before Rafiki held Simba up in the air, Father Freddie held Oscar up proudly and gloriously so that the whole world would know who’s the rightful king of all the living beings in Garden Lodge 💪😻😏 P.S. Always a pioneer… 😎❤