Pearl Jam 2020 World Tour January Debut Revealed


Pearl Jam insider Dimitrispearljam revealed on the Ten Club board that the plan intend to start their 2020 world tour in late March in North America, with west coast and middle America concerts rumored. Alternative Nation edited his post for grammar and clarity. The first few rumored North American tour date rumors leaked last week.

“I invest a lot of time talking to people in the business, and I’m not talking about Pearl Jam only, to learn in the music industry about how a tour is set up, what work needs to be done for a record to be finished, how things works with promoters, band’s management, even how much % these days are the cuts of all parties in a 20 dollar shirt, and how deals are being made. That’s why I’m not upset for example that they don’t announce a second Amsterdam show, because the promoter is the boss, it’s their call.

I’ve learned a few useful things. The official announcement has nothing to do with if the dates are locked, or if the recordings are done. There are so many different details and all those guys are professionals, and they announce it when it’s all ready for all parties, from the little video or radio message and social media, up to the announcement and ticket vendor.

Companies, promoters, websites, logistics, crew and all that, they don’t announce anything if all the details aren’t done, they don’t announce dates and say we will figure things out later.

So the speculation that it is gonna be Monday or Friday is just talk with no logic. If they are ready to announce on a Sunday, Sunday it is, or Monday, or whenever.

Now Pearl Jam when they put out a new record, and at the same time it is an election year, they usually do different legs in North America, it’s what logic says.

For example same logic says they hit Australia always with a new record. So when they do an album tour they usually go west cost, east cost, and they hit Canada, midwest,and the middle of the country at some point. That is in my mind for example Missouri or Tennessee, not sure what you call it in USA, I just say middle of USA because it looks like that on the map for me. And they don’t always play the south, those are facts.

Now this election is very important, so I don’t know how they think, but I feel they want do a big thing about it, even from the Halloween shirt you get that feeling. Info says spring is good to go, so consider that spring is 3 and half months from now. Logic says info is coming soon, soon can be today or January, can’t be for example February 20th.

The big picture is Pearl Jam has a record ready, they hit the road, that’s all exciting. 30 years after been together, and 4/5 original members still together, we are talking about a miracle here. If you look at music history, I really don’t see why people get upset for any reason. I get we all are with not good with patience, as a fan I get it. P.S. because I saw the last comments, St. Louis looks good as one of the red states for a show.” A rumored ‘imminent’ Pearl Jam United States tour announcement was detailed last week.