KISS Icon Paul Stanley Looks ‘Miserable’ In Train Station Photo


A brooding Paul Stanley took to social media via Twitter to upload this photo of him leaving Japan after a slate of several Kiss shows. The miserable-looking Stanley captioned: “Getting On The Train And YOU’RE COMING WITH ME!” You can view the picture below. Paul Stanley ‘lonely’ KISS meet & greet photo revealed.

In other Paul Stanley and Kiss news, fans recently took to social media to discuss the impact and legacy of one of the group’s more newer albums in 2009’s ‘Sonic Boom.’ One fan proclaimed: “I like this album. Paul’s voice sounds kinda rough though and I’m pretty sure he’s lost more than a few steps in his singing capabilities. As usual on a KISS album, Paul’s songs are very good musically and vocally. I don’t really like any of the first three songs by Gene on this album. They’re all reworked Gene demos from the 70’s too. Those songs weren’t that great in the first place, in my opinion. I really like Eric’s song “All For The Glory”. It’s more in the direction that I like to hear from them. “Stand” is also a good time. It’s not just a fun rock ‘n’ roll song from the ’70s. I liked KISS the most from 1982-1988 so hearing a song like “Stand” is a big plus for me.” Paul Stanley forgets KISS makeup in bad onstage photo.

The fan continued: I don’t really care that Eric and Tommy are impersonating Ace and Peter except that Tommy plays solos that sound like they’re from the ’70s instead of being modern, and the fact that there’s no need for the makeup anymore. Gene complains about how the costumes are heavy and he’s old now so it’s hard on him. Well, why not just play in street clothes again? “I’m An Animal” is the only Gene song that I think is solid and worth being on this album. It sounds old but not in a bad way, kinda like “Modern Day Delilah” sounds like it’s from 1977 (possibly an “I Stole Your Love” part II). All in all, this is a solid album and it sounds a lot more like what you’d expect from KISS than say “Carnival Of Souls”. Don’t get me wrong, “Carnival” is a good album but it doesn’t really sound like KISS. That’s probably why it sold poorly. My biggest problem with “Sonic Boom” is that great songs from the ’80s weren’t rerecorded and put on it. “Time Traveler” and “Sword And Stone” need to be on a legitimate album!” Paul Stanley mocked for ‘laughable’ KISS performance.