Foo Fighters Caught With Britney Spears In Swimsuit Photo


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins taking a pool swimsuit photo with Britney Spears in 2001 was just revealed for the first time on a Britney Spears fan page. Dave Grohl ‘leaving’ Foo Fighters was recently confirmed by a big name.

Hawkins discussed his influences in a Kerrang Magazine interview last year. The article states, “For as long as he can remember, music has always been part of Taylor Hawkins’ life. Growing up on a diet of The Beatles, Bee Gees and “the pop of the day”, just as he began to play drums at the age of 10, he scored tickets to see Queen perform at the newly-built Irvine Meadows Ampitheater on September 11th 1982.

The band, who were toruing in support of their album Hot Space, irrevocably changed the yound Taylor’s life. With a setlist which opened with Flash and closed with We Are The Champions, it’s not hard to see why it had such an emotional impact.

‘After that concert, I don’t think I slept for three days,’ he remembers today. ‘It changed everything, and I was never the same because of it. It was the beginning of my obsession with rock’n’roll, and I knew that I wanted to be in a huge rock band after seeing Queen. I was just starting to get into the drums and Roger Taylor became my hero. I remember telling my Mom that I’d play there one day.’

Alongside Queen, albums by Rush, The Police, Genesis and Van Halen began to dominate his listening habits as he learned to play the drums.” Red Hot Chili Peppers recently dropped a Foo Fighters bombshell.