Dave Grohl ‘Leaving’ Foo Fighters Confirmed By Big Name


Dave Grohl recently revealed on The Ringer podcast that he was prepared to quit Foo Fighters in 2001, and believed that Coachella 2001 would be the band’s final performance. He discussed getting the ‘seven year itch’ around that time. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Dave Grohl asked a ‘big name’ to replace an original Foo Fighters member.

“‘Why am I doing this?’ ‘Do I really wanna do this anymore?’ And then you feel the pressure to do it and are like, ‘F*** that! That’s not why I started doing this in the first place.’ And then you go, ‘Blah, blah.’ And everyone goes, ‘F*** you all!’ And then you decide you’re gonna bail, and three months later you’re like, ‘I miss you guys.’ And then you start doing it again. I mean, that’s sometimes. That’s what happened with us.”

Grohl described recording with Queens of the Stone Age on Songs for the Deaf, and how just sitting in to record for a few weeks turned into him playing several shows live with the band, after he only intended to play one show live at the Troubadour as the band searched for a new drummer.

“At the end of the show, Mark Lanegan, who is one of the singers in the band, he said, ‘Man, it’d be a shame if that’s the only time we did that.’ So meanwhile I’m making a f***ing record over here that is kind of inspired, and over here I’m kicking f***ing ass. I’m like, ‘You know what, I need to go do this.’ And the guys were bummed. They were like, ‘OK, bye.’ And it turned into something that wasn’t gonna end well and then Coachella was coming up. Foo Fighters were playing one day, Queens of the Stone Age were playing another day, and I thought it was gonna be our last show.”

“Then I did both, and somehow everyone just went ‘OK,’ and we kept going.” Dave Grohl was recently spotted with Jennifer Aniston in a photo.