Foo Fighters Call Out Insult At Smashing Pumpkins Concert


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins was recently interviewed on Radio X, and he responded to Noel Gallagher insulting himself and Dave Grohl when opening for The Smashing Pumpkins in August. Foo Fighters savagely disrespecting Red Hot Chili Peppers was revealed a couple of days ago.

“So we played the Reading Festival and I had a picture of the Gallagher brothers on my kick drum. Then I went up front to sing a song and Dave went back to the drums, and I looked back and said, ‘Isn’t it great to have the Gallagher brothers back together again?’

“And then I said, ‘Let’s all sign a petition to get Oasis to do a song again,’ out of love for their music. Nothing else. So Noel Gallagher, who was opening up for Smashing Pumpkins in America, and first night he goes, ‘Let’s start a petition to get the Foo Fighters to break up.’ And I’m like, OK that’s kinda funny, whatever…

And then next night he goes, ‘If the drummer from Nirvana…’ – Now Noel, if you’re hearing this. He didn’t say it I said it. […] He didn’t even say Dave, you know as if to lower him – ‘… wants Oasis to get back together he can come up on this stage right now and suck my you know what…'”

The Eagles made a brutal Foo Fighters remark recently. Hawkins added, “But I’m hoping now that he will lighten up a little bit and come to his senses and get the good singer back for his band. That’s what I’m hoping. I just think that would be really nice, because everybody wants to see that.

And Liam’s having a lot of success. I mean, he’s doing two nights at The O2 Arena. Do you think that Potato Gallagher and the Low Charting Turds could do two nights at The O2 Arena.”

Billy Corgan must have been caught up in the middle of the feud, as he attended Dave Grohl’s 50th birthday party, and was friendly with Noel Gallagher on tour. Hawkins also reacted to rumors that he’s related to The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins. He said, “I don’t know… But if he says so I’ll say yes.” He added, “I wish I had his pipes. The guy can frickin’ hit notes!” Taylor said his ‘almost’ godson, and son of Queen drummer Roger Taylor, Rufus Taylor is the drummer in The Darkness. Foo Fighters made a stunning Michael Jackson claim recently.