Foo Fighters Fans Furious With Ripoff Ticket Prices


Ah, yes, the exhilarating experience of attending a live concert, surrounded by pulsating energy, stinky fest goers, and all of us united by the power of music, has always been a cherished moment for fans. However, in recent years, there has been an unfortunate symphony playing in the background—escalating ticket prices. The constant surge in concert ticket costs has left fans disheartened, igniting a fiery backlash against the industry’s practices. As fans voice their discontent, one name lingers in the shadows: Ticketmaster.

The rising tide of ticket prices is a melody that echoes through the industry. Fans have found themselves in an odd place to be, torn between their love for music and their financial constraints. Concerts, once considered a communal experience accessible to all, have increasingly become an expensive luxury, pricing out dedicated supporters and favoring those with deeper pockets. This trend has left many fans feeling alienated from the very artists they admire.

Ticketmaster, the colossal titan that controls the majority of ticket sales in the industry, has been long criticized for their exorbitant service fees. Ticketmaster has become synonymous with the frustration fans face when purchasing tickets. The company’s dominance in the market has created a stranglehold on pricing, leaving fans with little choice but to succumb to the inflated costs. In an era where music is meant to be inclusive and bring people together, Ticketmaster’s actions have fueled the perception of a corporate giant prioritizing profit over the interests of the fans.

Fans of The Foo Fighters on Reddit took to the helm and said that they can’t justify the crazy prices for tickets. Some tickets range anywhere from $160-$200 and this has left pockets empty, and mouths full of choice words. The original poster said: “Keen to go see the Foo Fighters come to Australia in December but what’s with the tickets being so expensive?? When they played Geelong last year tickets were around $160aud and now all of a sudden they’re $220. Why such an increase?”

The Foo Fighters’ fans aren’t the only ones screaming from the rooftops, or stadium tops, fans of Tool, Taylor Swift, and many others have voiced the same.

The Pearl Jam vs. Ticketmaster saga serves as a poignant reminder of the fight against this monopoly. In the 1990s, the iconic rock band took a stand against Ticketmaster’s practices, refusing to perform at venues associated with the company. Their battle gained national attention and sparked discussions about ticketing fairness, ultimately leading to a Department of Justice investigation into Ticketmaster’s alleged anti-competitive behavior. While the outcome of the saga may not have completely altered the landscape, it was a resounding statement from artists who were willing to put their principles above profit.

Today, fans are once again pushing back against the tyranny of high ticket prices and unfair practices. Social media platforms buzz with disgruntled voices expressing their disappointment and sharing stories of missed opportunities due to financial constraints. In response, some fans are taking matters into their own hands, actively seeking alternative ticketing platforms that offer lower fees or even bypassing Ticketmaster altogether.

Will we see more artists stand up once again? We’ll see if history repeats itself.