New Stone Temple Pilots Singer Covers Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow” And It Will Blow Your Mind


Video has surfaced of new Stone Temple Pilots singer Jeff Gutt covering Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow.” Watch below!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Pearl Jam exhibit, which we reported on in April, has a band biography with bullet points that claims the band influenced Stone Temple Pilots, The Killers and St. Vincent. Read the profile below.

-Pearl Jam was founded in 1990 at a crossroads of classic rock, Seventies heavy metal and hardcore punk – and just as Seattle’s underground music scene was about to break worldwide.

-Propelled by hits “Alive” and “Jeremy,” their debut Ten launched a career of enduring commercial success and staunch idealism.

-Pearl Jam has a long history of bucking industry trends with fan-centric practices, including challenging the monopolistic concert-ticket industry, avoiding large-scale venues and pioneering tape-sharing.

-The band is known for its massive nonstop touring schedule, improvisational shows and extensive collaborations with artists such as Neil Young, The Who, and the Ramones.

-Pearl Jam has been involved with numerous charitable causes and benefits, including Hurricane Katrina, Habitat for Humanity, American red Cross and Jazz Foundation of America.

-The band is being inducted in their first year of eligibility.

-Influences: Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Heart

-Influenced: Stone Temple Pilots, the Killers, St. Vincent

Do you think Pearl Jam influenced STP? Let us know in the comments. Pearl Jam will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Friday in New York by David Letterman.

  • dakotablue

    It will blow…and it does.

  • Da Braddah

    This is the best STP could find? That guy sucks, and what’s up with those gay gloves?

  • Kevin J

    Sorry but Gutt sucks, the only thing it blows is in my pants

  • Eddie Yarler

    Under no circumstances whatsoever did Pearl Jam influence Stone Temple Pilots. Or Days of the New, or Creed, or any other yarler in the 90s for that matter.

    Pearl Jam is the greatest band to debut in the 1990s hand down, but this copycat nonsense has always been that. Nonsense.

    • Corndog

      All bands were influenced by Pearl Jam. Even ones that were around 20 years before them;)

      Pearl Jam are a universal energy field. When we die, we all return to the Jam.

      Hey man, I don’t make the rules. I’m just sayin’.

    • Alex Sosnov

      Lol, you call STP “nonsense”? Are you mad bro?

      • Corndog

        Clearly you didn’t understand what he meant. He said the idea that STP copied Pearl Jam was nonsense, not that the band was.

        • Alex Sosnov

          Sorry. Thank you.

          • Corndog

            No problem man:)

  • Corndog

    Even no. Just no…

    My son just overheard it and said he sounds like he’s singing with his nose closed:)

  • chainsawhandz

    My mind remains completely unblown.

  • Joe Schwartz

    Tare – a – bull. Crowd look uninterested. He chases them away.

  • Alex Sosnov

    Actually there is no sense in covering Pearl Jam. Especially in the light of stupid accusations that STP “copied” Pearl Jam.

  • sifting .

    “it will blow you mind” “it will melt your heart” blah blah blah

    • Zafalkar SH


  • OkcPig

    Heart is listed as a influence on Pearl Jam? 😂

  • Jay

    Why they pushing this shitty singer so much? He’s not even a singer he’s a grunge impersonator. And a bad one at that, nostril man.

  • Da Braddah