The Eagles Take Vicious Shot At Foo Fighters


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins is set to release his new solo album with the Coattail Riders Get the Money next month, and The Eagles frontman Joe Walsh unintentionally came up with the title after brutally calling out Hawkins for whining in a phone call. Dave Grohl switching instruments after a horrible performance was revealed yesterday.

Hawkins told Kerrang magazine, “I was complaining about being on the road. He told me to quit being a pussy and go get the money. That song’s about not really realizing how spoiled you are to be in this position.”

Hawkins also recruited Foo Fighters bandmate Dave Grohl to play on four songs, and according to Hawkins, he definitely brought his signature sound to the record. “On ‘Crossed The Line,’ the guitar goes chun, chun, chun, and it sounds like All My Life, which is great! That’s his guitar sound. It was great to have Dave come in and do his thing.” Foo Fighters recently played a cancer show for a rock icon.

Hawkins was asked by BBC Radio if he plans to tour the album, and he said while he wants to, there aren’t currently any plans, as Foo Fighters are really gearing up to record a new album, with Dave Grohl already having written plenty of material. Hawkins admitted that the band are recording in a different location than their own studio, hinting at the return of the ‘concept’ recording style used on Wasting Light and Sonic Highways in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Foo Fighters made a stunning Michael Jackson claim last week.