Foo Fighters Member ‘Erased’ From Album By Dave Grohl


Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith’s The Colour and the Shape drumming was infamously erased and re-recorded by Dave Grohl in 1997, and Goldsmith is now unsure if the discarded recordings even exist anymore.

TheFive10 asked in a new interview, “Do you know if any recordings exist from the Foo Fighters’ Colour and the Shape sessions with your drum takes?”

Goldsmith responded, “I had a cassette that had the rough mixes of the record with me on it, and I had given it to my sister. After everything went south, I removed myself from that project and didn’t want to even think about it. So I never asked for the tape back, and it was lost in the shuffle as a result. As to whether or not any of the reels still exist, I don’t know and never will. If they do, I guarantee you that they are under permanent lock and key, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just erased all together. I’ll never know.”

A Foo Fighters member defended an offensive Dave Grohl remark a few days ago. Taylor Hawkins recently told Kerrang magazine about replacing Goldsmith, “Well, it didn’t actually go like that. I was a huge fan of the first Foo Fighters record. I’d met Dave a couple of times on the road and we’d become sort of friends. I was driving with my girlfriend at the time, and we were listening to [Los Angeles radio station] KROQ. I heard William had departed and they were looking for a new drummer.

I scrambled to get Dave’s number and called him. I said, ‘I heard you guys are looking for a drummer,’ and he said, ‘Well, do you know any?’. I thought Alanis wanted to go in a more laid-back direction, and it seemed like the right time to jump. Alanis didn’t need me! I basically said to Dave, ‘I’ll play drums for you,’ and we jammed a couple of times. I remember I was at home watching [1995 erotic drama] Showgirls with my girlfriend, and Dave called to ask if I wanted to join.”

You can read the full William Goldsmith interview at The Five 10.