Foo Fighters Member Defends Offensive Dave Grohl Remark


Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith gained headlines last year when he said that a new Sunny Day Real Estate album was in the ‘murkiest depths of Dave Grohl’s sock drawer.’ He also claimed that Grohl ‘creatively raped’ him in an interview. Goldsmith has now clarified the ‘sock drawer’ comment in a new The Five 10 interview. Goldsmith leaked rare Foo Fighters recordings earlier this year.

“Expressing my frustrations has done nothing but cause problems, as well as leading to being misunderstood. For example, my statement about the Sunny Day album being abandoned ‘within the murkiest depths of Dave Grohl’s sock drawer’ was an analogy for the Foo Fighters 606 studio, where the record was left.

Granted my cynicism didn’t help the matter, but that statement was misconstrued as me stating that Dave was purposefully preventing the record from being made, which was incorrect. Unfortunately the click bait media picked up that ball of misinterpretation and ran with it. Even with my later public statement being made to clarify things, they are still running with it. It’s even one of the highlights of my Wikipedia page which Justin attempted to remove, but was not allowed to do so. Makes you wonder then why others are so freely allowed to add such things.”

Josh Homme took a brutal shot at a Foo Fighters member yesterday. Goldsmith told Joe Wong in a 2016 interview that Dave Grohl is a bully, “I don’t know. I think that he mistakes cruelty for humor, maybe sometimes. I think he’s kind of like those kids that were like the bullies that could do every sport better than everybody else.

Everybody really liked them, even though they were mean. He’s kind of like that guy, he’s kind of like the playground bully.”

He also said he wished he ‘never met’ Grohl. “I wish that I just never met him. To be honest man, I was not happy in that band because at first Dave said, ‘I want this to be fun. I want this to be a band. I don’t want to spend our lives on the road, we’re just going to have fun.’ I was like, ‘Right on, that sounds great because we don’t want to tour to death.’ But that’s what we did man, we toured to death.” You can read the new William Goldsmith interview at The Five 10.