Foo Fighters Member Reacts To Family Emergency


cb94feet wrote about meeting Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel in Nashville following the postponement of Foo Fighters concerts due to a ‘family emergency.’

“I’ll just tell the story since kinda a cool thing anyways. I went with a group of 6 friends (4 from PHX and 2 from Denver). We arrived early Saturday and went pretty hard in the paint, then Sunday went even harder in the paint after hearing of the postponement. I have a friend that lives in Franklin so I decided on Monday (day of cancelled show) I would UBER to them for a visit while the 5 others went Downtown to explore and possibly drink.

Im 44 and my hangover was epic so it was a good move. After visiting my peeps and Uber’ing back to our house we rented I get a picture sent to me by one of my homies… all of them standing with Nate. I’m gutted. They went to the Johnny Cash museum and he was casually strolling around with like 6 friends/roadie people checking out the place. It took a while for them to even realize it was him as he blended in and it might be hard for some to even spot. They ended up approaching him for a picture and he obliged. They explained that we had all flown in for the show and were bummed, but understood. He was apologetic and said he met a guy earlier who had flown in from Iceland. So then they casually tell Nate and his crew that they are going to have a few beers at FGL Bar that is across the street if they wanted to join em for a drink.

Everyone leaves… 10 minutes later Nate and his guys walk in and grab the table behind my group and have some beers and apps. It was at this point that I received the text from my homie with the picture. I call him all bummed out and he said ‘well shit he’s sitting behind me having a beer, maybe if you hurry he’ll still be here’. I hop my ass in an Uber and get there in time. I waited till his group was leaving and asked him for a picture and explained that I was with the PHX group and had missed out. He was super nice and was all about it. They went on their way and we all went to the 311 show (which was really good). Not the best vacation but getting to meet Nate took the sting off it a little bit.”

He added, “He mentioned something, its exactly what they said it was (family emergency). Im sure it will come out. At the end of the day everyone is good. Understandable postponement though.”