Eddie Vedder Performs Corporate Show For Amazon


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder played a corporate Amazon gig on Tuesday morning for employees at an Virtual Amazon All Hands meeting. Amazon employees mostly had very positive reviews of the acoustic performance, which included “Just Breathe” and “Porch.” Eddie played another corporate gig for Jetsets a couple of years ago, a private plane company.

Paulososa22 posted, “Just a normal day from virtual work land, having Eddie Vedder as our guest artist on our Virtual Amazon All Hands meetings today 🙃 #pearljam #eddievedder #amazon #amazonian.”

Dawnielle tweeted, “Watching the @amazon all hands meeting and Eddie Vedder casually shows up to perform. This is the energy I needed for 2020.”

Amazon Development Centre Scotland added, “Enjoying an acoustic set from none other than Eddie Vedder on our @amazon global all hands. Working from home can still be fun!”

Brooke Oberwetter wrote, “NBD, but Eddie Vedder is playing our @Amazon all-hands meeting. No complaints here.”

Sarah Potter said, “So apparently Eddie Vedder just played the Amazon all hands and I think I can speak for most of Seattle when I say, Eddie I expected more from you.”

Zdravko Danev chimed in, “Eddie Vedder performing at the Amazon all-hands sure put a big smile on my face… :)”