Foo Fighters Member Reveals ‘Depressing’ Paycheck


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins discussed going broke when he was younger and how much money he lived off of per day in a new Music Week interview. Taylor Hawkins called out a blatant Foo Fighters ripoff yesterday.

“Well, it’s funny, I was editing the video for I Blew It at an editing bay down in Culver City, which is adjacent to Venice Beach and that’s where I lived when I first moved to LA to try and become a famous rock dude. It was a scary place: there were gang bangers and freaky people on the boardwalk. It’s creepy. The underbelly of the place was really dark, especially back in the ‘90s. It’s a little less gnarly than it was, but in 1990 it was fucking gnarly.

Anyway, I had an hour to kill so I walked to where my old apartment was, which I shared with three other dudes. It was fucking disgusting… I was living on $10 a day back then, I would eat a slice of pizza for breakfast/lunch and a slice of pizza for dinner, or this chicken teriyaki bowl for three bucks, and then the rest of my money went on cigarettes.

So I went to that apartment, looked at it and just sort of thanked the f**king heavens that it all worked out. I remember being depressed on a certain level when I was 18 and 19 years old, living there watching the streetwalkers and the psychos and the f**king gang bangers and stuff.”

A Foo Fighters member made a surprising Nirvana ‘continuation’ claim a couple of days ago. Terribl3Tim posted on the Foo Fighters Reddit recently about a popular music video that has disappeared, “Does anyone know why the Times Like These ‘Bridge Video’ was banned from air play? It’s the video I always remember seeing on MTV2 in the UK in my teens but since then it’s basically never shown and not listed on the official YouTube account. It’s even really hard to find it unofficially on YouTube. A few years back I even had trouble finding it online even though it is on a few sites now.

Wikipedia says the reason for its ban is not known but surely somebody must know something?

The only thing I can think of is the tenuous link to a spate of people throwing stuff off bridges onto cars in the UK for a while but surely that can’t be the only reason.”

Yaznasty responded, “This video is so much better than the one of them in front of old Windows screensavers. Always thought it was weird I had to look all over the internet whenever I wanted to see it.”

Batbobby82 said, “Interesting! I never knew it was banned, just figured Dave liked the acoustic version more. I’d also like to know if there’s something to this.”

You can read the full Taylor Hawkins piece at Music Week.