Taylor Hawkins Calls Out Horrible Foo Fighters Ripoff


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins admitted to ripping off a drum part on “Rope” from a classic Queen performance in a new Radio X interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks about Queen. Taylor Hawkins also recently revealed the massive amount of drugs he used.

“Well, you have Roger Taylor, a very cool drummer, all the chicks loved him. You have John Deacon, the very smart, studious one, who actually took care of the books for awhile I think. You have Brian May the astrophysicist genius who actually built his own guitar. Then you have Freddie Mercury, what can you say about that man, what can’t you say about that man. He is one of the greatest voices to ever enter a rock man. He was just an absolute one off. There will never be another Freddie Mercury.”

He added, “The first Queen record I really got into was the live album, Live Killers, there’s some amazing drumming on that record. The live drum solo for ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ off of Live Killers, if you listen to a Foo Fighters song called ‘Rope’ there is these three little drum breaks in the middle, and one of them is directly ripped off of the Live Killers ‘Keep Yourself Alive.’ So I would say go listen to Queen Live Killers and listen to the ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ drum solo. It’s interesting that they would have a drum solo on their very first single.”

The Eagles guitarist took a vicious Foo Fighters member shot recently. Hawkins also revealed the first Queen song he learned how to play live. “I would say the first beat I ever learned to play was ‘Another One Bites The Dust.’ So let’s just say that was the first Queen song I learned to play.”

“I think Queen’s greatest live performance, and maybe the best live performance, if not the top 5 live performances of all time, is Live Aid. Queen were known for their lights and their show, and they literally had none of that. They had to just get up on stage and be a band, and just play their music as a band with no help, and they just kicked everyone’s butt that day. Everyone knows that is the greatest performance from Live Aid.” Taylor Hawkins and Pearl Jam were disrespected by a KISS member at a show last week.