Red Hot Chili Peppers Make John Frusciante ‘Firing’ Claim


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea revealed that drummer D.H. Peligro was fired shortly after joining the band and playing with John Frusciante in a new live Q&A, and he discussed the short lived lineup. Howard Stern made a horrible Red Hot Chili Peppers teen claim a few days ago.

“[John Frusciante] was an absolute, you know, this interstellar, transcendent, incredible virtuoso musician. And after Hillel died, he became our guitar player, this 17-year-old kid. And we jammed with him and there was actually a Bay Area guy named D. H. Peligro, who played with the Dead Kennedys, he in our band for a short while [in 1988] – a great drummer. And yeah, it really was a new opportunity and John gave us so much and he’s someone that I love so deeply.

And I feel, like, with the band, like, so many times I’ve been frustrated with it or, you know, me and Anthony [Kiedis, vocals] will just be at loggerheads, fighting or, you know, like friends do when you’re together with someone constantly for 37 years, you know? But I always feel like for some reason, like, the universe, God, whatever you want to call it, always gives some reason for it to keep going, you know? Like, something always happens, and John coming is one of those things.”

A Red Hot Chili Peppers member recently called out booing at a performance. Flea wrote on social media on Thanksgiving, “Today is William Blake’s birthday! I celebrate his spiritual connection to the mystical unknown. He knew! He saw! On another note, It is beautiful that we have, here in the USA, a holiday to celebrate gratitude. I am deeply thankful for all the love in this sad and beautiful world.

It’s just so damn weird that it is premised around this lie about connecting and sharing with the indigenous peoples of this land, who were exploited and plundered beyond the pale. Ai yi yi. I’m grateful to be conscious of the suffering of all oppressed peoples. You can’t be an ally until you acknowledge the truth. Happy thanksgiving to one and all! This painting by the immortal William Blake is called Ghost of a Flea.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Flea’s remarks.