Foo Fighters New Album First Single Revealed


Foo Fighters new album is coming, and the first single teaser is here, featuring an incredible drum beat from Taylor Hawkins! Foo Fighters will perform on Saturday Night Live this weekend, with Dave Chappelle hosting, and many expect them to debut new material.

Fans have spotted Foo Fighters X logos around Los Angeles in the last few days, advertising the band’s upcoming tenth studio album.

TireKiller04 posted, “Reddit users recently speculated about mysterious emails Foo Fighters have sent out.

Who thinks the new albums is releasing around November 9th? The emails the foos keep sending about their records are sent in a pattern that alternates between 3 days and 4 days. I did the math and the concrete and gold email should be recieved on the 6th and something about the new album should come on the 9th. I might be an idiot but I thought I’d see what other people think🤷🏼‍♂️.”

TheMelonicMan said, “My bet is a horror video on Friday 13th, and then the album start of December.”

Ted_theodore-logan chimed in, “That would be my guess as well… Maybe single on Monday, short film on Friday and release date fkr the album in December.”

Superredux22 wrote, “I wouldn’t say the album is gonna be released this year, I’d say it’s probs an album announcement for hopefully early next year?”

Dave Grohl canceled new Foo Fighters album plans earlier this year. Are you excited for Foo Fighters new song? Let us know!