Eddie Van Halen New Acoustic Songs Revealed


Eddie Van Halen having four unheard new albums worth of unreleased material in the Warner Brothers vault was revealed earlier this week, and it has now come out that Eddie also has unheard acoustic songs, recordings with producer Ted Templeman, and studio live jams!

Van Halen only released one new album in the last 20 years of Eddie’s life, 2012’s A Different Kind of Truth, but he frequently worked on new music at his 5150 Studios, and the unreleased material there has yet to be accounted for despite Irving Azoff claiming the family would eventually go through the material.

Some of Van Halen’s more recent unheard material is likely from the A Different Kind of Truth sessions. Van Halen recorded 35 songs as demos for the album, many being based on old demos and others being new songs. There were also alternate mixes for the album done at Henson Recording Studios that Eddie Van Halen was not happy with, leading to the record being remixed at 5150 Studios.

Eddie Van Halen frequently talked about working on new material at 5150 that was never released to fans, though it’s unclear if he worked on anything in the few years following Van Halen’s final 2015 North American tour, with Eddie’s health getting worse as his cancer spread near the end of his life. Sammy Hagar recently responded to a Van Halen replacement rumor.