Creed Drop Reunion Tour With Scott Stapp Bombshell


Creed drummer Scott Phillips has hinted that a reunion tour with Scott Stapp may be in the cards in the future. Creed last toured together in 2012, which ended their three year reunion that started in 2009 and featured the album Full Circle.

Phillips told Audio Ink Radio, “I didn’t know that that had happened. That’s interesting. I’m the worst when it comes to social media. I go through phases where I’m into it for about two days, and then I don’t pick it up for about two months. But, that being said, there’s always talk every now and then of the possibility of us getting back together and doing some stuff. We’re all in a good spot right now where we feel like we have a good relationship amongst the four of us.

Obviously, Mark [Tremonti, guitar] and Brian [Marshall, bass] and I are in the same band together. But Scott [Stapp, vocals] seems to be doing really, really well. There’s some dialogue. We tend to check up on each other when it’s birthdays and holidays, things like that. So, there has been some chatter, and there’s no specific timetable for anything or no specific plans, but it’s a possibility down the road. We’ll just kind of let it play out naturally and see what happens.”

Creed and Pearl Jam members recently reacted to tragic news. Creed recently celebrated the 11th anniversary of the release of their last album, Full Circle.

The band posted, “Oct 27, 2009 @officialcreedpage released their 4th album “Full Circle” debuting #2 on the @billboard charts beaten for #1 by @michaeljackson After 8 years away, “Full Circle” proved this band was and is still in demand! ‘Overcome’, ‘Rain’, and ‘A Thousand Faces’ were the band’s 1st 3 singles. ‘Time’ and ‘Bread of Shame’ would become fan favorites. What’s your favorite song off the album?”