Scott Weiland Last Birthday Party Photos Revealed


Late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland would have turned 53 years old today. Weiland’s widow Jamie Weiland posted unseen photos from one of his last birthday parties to mark the occasion on social media. Weiland died in December 2015 at 48 years old.

Jamie wrote, “#happybirthday to this #beautiful man who would have been 53 today. I hope wherever he is, he knows today (and every day) that he is beyond missed and loved and always will be. #love #scottweiland 🖤.”

Stone Temple Pilots posted a photo from the 2000 No. 4 tour and said, “Happy Birthday Scott. Miss you.⁣”

Former MTV host Matt Pinfield said, “Today we remember the great frontman and vocalist Scott Weiland who would have been 53 years old today. He is surely missed. Here we are at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square, New York City when he asked me to do his Q+A discussing his memoir Not Dead And Not For Sale.”

Weiland was one of the greatest voices of the 90’s alternative rock movement, blending the darkness of Jim Morrison with the melodic sensibilities of David Bowie to create his own unique style, with a country twang at times thrown in.

Since his death, Weiland sadly has not received any extensive tributes, with his contemporary Chris Cornell getting a big tribute concert last year and several posthumous releases. Weiland and STP have also not received a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination despite being eligible for the last three years. Billy Corgan discussed his relationship with Scott Weiland yesterday.