Tool Member Ruins Bandmate Performance In Video


During a recent practice, Tool frontman Maynard James Kennan had some fun at the expense of drummer Danny Carey. As you can see from the social media via Instagram post, while Carey was drumming – Kennan – being ever so sneaky, tried to replace Carey’s drumstick with a rather interesting and not-safe-for-work object as everything was happening. Tool’s final ‘Fear Inoculum tour date of the United States will be tomorrow, March 20th, in Cleveland, Ohio. This can be viewed below. Tragedy struck this recent Tool show.

In other news concerning Tool, one concertgoer and fan of the group was undeniably annoyed over the fact that another person at a recent Tool event bought over twenty plus posters at that particular concert’s merchandise stand. On the ever-popular Tool sub-Reddit, the user known as badcatgaming1313 shared their experience from that show.

I understand buying 2 or at most 5 posters, but come on man. Don’t make it harder for someone to get a poster at their first Tool show. We came to watch Tool perform, not buy 20+ posters. Some places only allow one poster for one person but places like St. Louis have no restrictions on how many you can buy and personally I find that to be very annoying.

The Redditor would continue: We were there for 10 hours in line and 6 people behind the front, not only that security didn’t let general admission (where I was) go through the gates until VIP got their merchandise and we saw them with multiple posters in hand, the closest merchandise booth sold out before VIP was even finished. I was lucky to get one poster which was what I was aiming for. I’m just mad at the people who bought multiple who probably left the concert immediately after buying them, not allowing casual fans to get a cool souvenir.