Guns N’ Roses Make Bold Mick Jagger Health Claim


Guns N’ Roses have a huge rumored 2020 plan, and the band’s bassist Duff McKagan recently discussed The Rolling Stones iconic frontman Mick Jagger‘s health during a recent interview on Rolling Stone Music Now, citing Jagger persevering through health issues and the Stones still performing keeping him young, along with his children. A Guns N’ Roses icon recently dropped a Greta Van Fleet ripoff bombshell. Alternative Nation transcribed McKagan’s comments

McKagan: I feel like I have aged fifty years since [2006]. Well thank you, martial arts, lots of sex I guess. To be quite honest with ya. I have daughters that keep me young, you know? I think having kids, growing up in their teenage years, eighteen and twenty one it keeps you going.

Playing rock and roll, the secret now is that we aren’t our dads, we aren’t our dad’s fifty-five for sure. We got better water and all of that and whatever but there is also The [Rolling] Stones. It comes down to the Stones. They keep you young, they are out there doing it. Mick [Jagger] is gonna be better and all of that but I still feel like a kid when I still see the Stones out there touring, like I better get started.

McKagan continues

McKagan: The thing about Guns [N’ Roses] and always from the inception to now, is it’s not a bullshit band. We take everything, rehearsals, we’ve always been the hardest rehearsing band. When we go out on stage and play, it’s real. Like, the daggers come out and it’s like a bar fight. It’s still that way and it’s never been phoning something in.

Somebody came to one of our shows and said: “I thought you guys were gonna just phone it in but you played three and a half hours.” and I said: “We wouldn’t know how to phone it in.” If that’s a result of growing up to the Stones or whatever, I don’t know, but that’s just the way our band is and I’m honored that you said we are taking up some mantle of some greatness but we’re just doing what we do.

You can listen to the full interview on Apple Music.