Foo Fighters & Tool May Play ‘All Night’ At Innovative Shows


Danny Wimmer stated in a new Consequence of Sound interview that his Epicenter Festival in North Carolina in May, headlined by Foo Fighters and Tool, will not have a curfew. He also hinted at ‘super jams’ with artists joining forces, could we see Dave Grohl play with Tool? A fan can dream!

One of highlights of Epicenter is that each day will not end when the headlining band plays its final note of the night. “We’re not having a curfew, so we’re able to do things differently at night,” explains Wimmer. “We can create super jams late at night, we can basically go all night and we can invest in nighttime activities.”

The camping aspect will allow concertgoers to take a breather from the nonstop music, if they so desire. “The camping is attached to the festival, so fans will be able to go in and out,” says Wimmer. “You can come into the grounds, hang out and see your favorite bands, and then go back to the campground. It’s just a different experience from some of our other festivals.”

As for the space itself, Wimmer divulges that it will evolve in the years to come. “The great thing about this property is that over time we’re going to be able to build infrastructure. We worked out a longterm deal with all the property owners. We’re going to be able to invest and put permanent fixtures in there.”