Former Pearl Jam Drummer Posts ‘Dream’ Lineup Photo


Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese has posted a meme that shows ‘how Pearl Jam fans see Pearl Jam’ and ‘how Dave A. fans see Pearl Jam’ with Dave as every member of Pearl Jam in 2021.

Dave wrote, “This one made coffee come out of my nose!” A fan named Dodjie Garcia commented, “I liked Krusen but when Dave A redid his parts, the songs flew to the sky. When Jack Irons came in, I felt he did a good job but still no David Abbruzzese. But everything changed since Matt took on the drum seat.

He is one awesome person and drummer, but I found him too stiff for Pearl Jam. He made a mark in Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog, but the unmistakable groove of VS and Vitalogy has forever been missed since then.”

Limpet Grimsmo commented, “True story! I remember Dave stealing my tape recorder and interviewing random German fans with it. You added groove, humour and humanity to PJ Ten Tour!”

Dave responded, “good times! I trust you’re doing good things. 😳😂🤣.”

Skip Stone commented, “Was it more coffee out one nostril than the other, or more of an Evenflow? Yeah, I could’ve done better, but I’m running with my initial thought on this one.”