Freddie Mercury Bandmate Reveals ‘Stolen’ Creepy Photo


Freddie Mercury bandmate and Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed a creepy photo where touring member Spike Edney is visible on screen with the band, but not onstage. A Def Leppard member recently revealed a Freddie Mercury AIDS show secret.

“Saying goodnight last night in DC. I stole this pic from @tyler_fn_warren – but I’m still trying to work out why the video image above looks different from the reality on stage below.

There IS an inherent delay in the live video image, but Spike is visible on the screen but invisible on stage ! Of course those bad boys in IMAG video production missed out Tyler and Neil altogether. Good night DC. Hello Pittsburgh !!! Credit @80dfr — Bri.”

A Freddie Mercury bandmate revealed the ‘saddest photo ever’ last week. May wrote prior to the Washington DC show, “Washington DC !! Good to be back ! And, on the way from the airport to the hotel, I was lucky enough to witness a total eclipse of the Sun by the Washington Monument !

In proper eclipse style, the 3 stereos are a sequence – first in parallel 3-D, and then, on further swiping, in cross-eyed fabulousness. If you don’t ‘get’ stereo, I’m sorry, but I’m sure by now you can find someone to explain it to you !!! Hoorah !! We will rock Capital One Arena tomorrow ! And so … to bed ! ‘Night folks. Bri.”