Freddie Mercury Brutal AIDS ‘Fight’ Video Revealed


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury fighting AIDS has been honored in two new video releases on what would have been his 73rd birthday. Freddie Mercury’s boyfriend revealed an ‘attack’ he witnessed after he got AIDS.

Hard Rock Venice tweeted a video, “Try our new limited-edition Freddie’s Mustache Milkshake.1€ form every milkshake sold will be donated to the
@mptofficial Mercury Phoenix Trust, fighting AIDS across the globe.🌍 #LegendsOnly.” You can check out the Mercury Phoenix Trust at

Freddie Mercury’s Twitter wrote, “Don’t miss out on the official video of Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow, in celebration of Freddie’s birthday and the work of @The_MPT- Fighting AIDS Worldwide. Premiering now 🎥”

Freddie Mercury using a ‘toy’ in a backstage video was recently revealed. Queen guitarist Brian May recently returned to social media following a break after the completion of the North American ‘Rhapsody’ tour with Adam Lambert.

He wrote, “Hi folks. Thanks for the messages. Apologies for my quietness. The return to ‘normal’ life plus East-bound jet lag always wipes me out. It’s such a massive adjustment – it’s like my body and soul go into a kind of leaden disbelief. So I kinda shut down – and I just don’t feel capable of putting out stuff to the world.

I’m not over it yet, but I didn’t want you to think that suddenly I don’t care. I just don’t have it in me right now. So I thought I’d post this unrealised (I think) stereo from somewhere back out there on tour – as a token ‘do-it-yourself offer, if anybody’s interested ! Thanks for all the appreciation and understanding you gave us – and me – during that long tour of the USA. It means a lot.

In the quietness of life back home it feels like it was all a dream – but a dream with some very wonderful moments. For me, I need a few more days of detox from iPhone and social media. But I will be back, IIS. Take care out there. 💥💥💥💥 These images are a little soft – it’s because I took them from a video message I made for an ad – which you might see later – for an album – to be announced later !! With love – Bri.” Freddie Mercury fired a surprising bandmate before his death.