Freddie Mercury Uses ‘Toy’ In Dressing Room Video Leak


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury revealed how he lost his favorite ‘toy’ in a newly resurfaced dressing room video. Freddie Mercury throwing beer at fans was revealed in a video over the weekend. Freddie Mercury Club reported:

“Oh shit I threw my whistle away actually.” Freddie’s biggest regrets in life. “I bet you can’t blow em like that.” Oh no Freddie no one could ever blow em like you do. “I hesitated actually I did. I threw it…I thought…I should ask for it back. I want it back.” Our baby misses his toy.

Roger: “You threw my best fucking pair of maracas away on the first day…great sounding maracas…I mean it took me hours to steal them.” Oh Roger. Roger mimicking Freddie throwing wrist action “and he just goes” with a slam dunk.

Freddie: “Now they know I’m gonna throw this things…they were wonderful actually I must say. I’m sorry.” He’s such a sweetheart with a pure soul full of love for his audience. Meanwhile John makes a cameo walking and throwing his eyebrows up at the camera looking real beautiful.

“They give me these horrible things with about two peas in side that go rattle rattle” Brian’s enjoying Freddie’s little backstage fun show so much. “Lovely kitsch colors.” And Freddie’s joyful face as he’s about takes a sip from his drink. Freddie Mercury firing a Queen bandmate a few years before he died was revealed last week.

“Kitsch colors…the real height of bad taste” and Brian doing one of his classic reproachful “haha really?” Oh dear not everyone has Freddie’s fabulous taste.

Brian: “…throwing ME in the audience.”

Freddie: “You don’t rattle as good.”

The way he says it with tilting his head with that bragging childlike laughing face is the most adorable thing ever. P.S. So the lesson here is don’t give your precious stuff to Freddie before a concert cause he just throws them away. And also how lucky were these guys to hang out with such a cute bundle of joy…I just wanna squeeze him. Freddie Mercury’s passionate love note to his first boyfriend recently resurfaced.