Freddie Mercury Boyfriend Reveals Attack After He Got AIDS


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s boyfriend Jim Hutton revealed that Freddie was surprised by his cat Romeo attacking his other beloved cats just a year before his death from AIDS. Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987. Freddie Mercury revealed how he lost his favorite ‘toy’ in his dressing room in a newly revealed video.

Jim Hutton said, “Early in 1990, when we’d had Romeo for several months, Freddie and I were walking into the conservatory, quickly followed by four of the cats. Suddenly Romeo turned on Goliath, Delilah and Miko and started fighting. I looked at Freddie and called out ‘Rambo!’ ‘What do you mean, Rambo?’ he asked. ‘Watch him,’ I said. ‘He’s attacking all the other cats. He’s Rambo.’ It was a nickname which stuck.”

Freddie Mercury smoking in photos with Michael Jackson was revealed a few days ago. Queen’s official website is reporting: This year marks the 73rd Birthday of the legendary Freddie Mercury. A true icon, gone but never forgotten & as always. To mark this milestone the Freddie way, we are celebrating Freddie for a week.

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In Freddie’s own words: The show must go on! Freddie Mercury’s bandmate revealed an emotional goodbye letter last week.