Tool Reveal If They’re Breaking Up After 2020 Tour


Tool will reportedly continue to tour in 2021, and the 2020 Fear Inoculum tour will not be the end of the band. A painful Howard Stern and Tool secret was recently leaked.

Davycoolen posted, “Tool will not tour Europe in 2020. I have this from an official source in Belgium. The band will tour the continent in 2021. ‘At the same time, you never know with this band, so the possibility remains that they will come over here sooner anyway.’

GrabsJoker wrote, “Good news for me on two fronts: one, i’m going to Europe in 2021. two, im hoping for a third N. American tour leg that is NOT festival-based.”

Hythloth said, “Yeah I heard January 2021 as the latest rumor from a good source.”

KTopaz had asked earlier, “Will there be another European tour this summer? did anyone drop any hints about it I’ve had a blast visiting Amsterdam and attending the Tool concert there back in June 2019, I’ve promised myself to not miss the opportunity and if they come back to Europe any time soon – fly there again (I’m from Israel) and attend. So, can anyone tell if hints were dropped about another European tour any time soon?”

Hellboy1975 chimed in, “Danny reportedly dropped some hints of further EU and US shows recently. We’ll see! If any touring is happening prior to August (which is when wine harvest kicks off) I expect we’ll hear pretty soon.”

Lol_and_behold commented, “Well they booked Bonnaroo mid june, which is when they usually do EU festivals. They’ll do EU before or after that (thinking before, else it will be a huge gap).

Im actually happy they seemingly wont do EU festivals, as I’d rather have arena shows in fall/spring.”

Ktopaz had previously asked, “Never been to a festival, i’d like to try that some time but I’m 100% on board with you in regards to Tool, much rather see them in a full blown arena concert. Too bad it seems I’ll have to wait a bit more than expected for it to happen again 🙁

Carrig4life said, “I saw them in the ziggodome in amsterdam last year. I flew from Ireland for it, even though they were doing festivals much closer. An arena show is the best bet.”

Xlucretiax wrote, “I am still hoping for a spring EU arena tour announcement. the gap is right there, march/april/may, after AU/NZ and before the US festival they just announced in june, but it’s fucking january, they should have announced it already.” Maynard James Keenan trashing a Tool album ripoff was just revealed.