Paul McCartney Reveals Big Name Stole From John Lennon


Paul McCartney discussed who stole millions from he and The Beatles bandmates John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr in a new Irish Times article. Paul McCartney criticized disrespectful fans at a recent show.

“This was at the airport in Los Angeles. I had to do something record-related – I think it was a convention that Capitol, our American record label, were having – and she happened to be in LA, so she could hang out with me. She’d turn up at the hotel and we’d say, ‘Oh, what are we going to do today? Shall we do something? Well, let’s just stay in,’ and we’d just do nothing, basically. We loved that freedom. It was an important thing in a relationship, that neither of us minded doing nothing much.

“So this is us parting after our little trip. I was going back to England and she was catching another flight, going back to New York. I think I was there with a guy called Magic Alex [Mardas, the Beatles’ notorious “electronics wizard”, whose various schemes reputedly cost the band about €6 million in today’s money without yielding any results]. While we were waiting, she would just have her camera there, lift it up, click, get the shot, put it down again. So I’m goofing; I’ve pulled my jacket up and sort of masked my face. I’m going back to England, back to The Beatles, and I’m hiding: ‘No photos please!’ It was just a joyous little moment before we went our separate ways. But, you know, luckily, we hooked up again and, er… made a go of it!”

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler joined Paul McCartney onstage last night in Las Vegas.

Tyler wrote on Instagram, “NEXT TIME MY PLACE… SIR!”