Paul McCartney Wife Reacts To Jimi Hendrix Affair Rumor


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney’s beautiful late wife Linda McCartney has had her legacy celebrated this year with many reissues of her great work, and Nancy R told a funny story about Jimi Hendrix from her book on the official Macca boards. Ozzy Osbourne recently revealed what Ozzy Osbourne did to his wife.

“Just read Linda McCartney’s Sixties 1993 book of photographs and there was one she took on Aug. 8, 1969 during the Abbey Road cover shoot where she referred to herself in the caption as ‘just Paul’s girlfriend taking a photo.’ I guess she forgot the were already married! Then there’s the famous photo of John & Paul taken in mid-Oct. 1968 where Paul is writing and they’re both laughing.

It was said that they were going over the song order for the album, which Linda says is Abbey Road! Other than those two gaffes, it’s a great book of photos, no new Beatles/Paul ones, but many others I had never seen. She does shut down the rumor that she had an affair with Jimi Hendrix, but doesn’t admit to the ones with several other of her photographic subjects that are well-known.” Ringo Star was recently spotted with Paul McCartney’s daughter.

Nancy R added, “She talks about them being ‘great friends’ etc. Also, was surprised to read that she had been out to the west coast so much to take photos of bands, and that she had been to London twice between May 1967 and May 1968, but didn’t see Paul. Wild horses couldn’t have dragged me away from trying to get together again with him!” Paul McCartney was caught smoking with a rock icon in a great classic photo.