Rush Singer Makes Big Announcement: ‘We Are Back’


Rush singer Geddy Lee recently reacted he is selling more copies of his book. Geddy Lee was recently devastated by The Who making an emotional cancer announcement.

He wrote, “We are back baby! Due to an unexpected, yet very much appreciated, reaction to The Big Beautiful Book of Bass we ran out of print! I’m happy to announce they are now on the way to get back in stock!

The BBBoB features around 250 gloriously photographed vintage basses, including stage and recording basses that I’ve used throughout my career. The most enlightening aspect of collecting these bits of mid-century art was my discovery of brands that I had largely overlooked while in search of “my sound”… Live and learn, eh? One such bass that I am currently crushing over in big way is the Gibson Thunderbird: both the “Reverse” and the perplexingly named “Non-reverse” body styles…”

Geddy Lee recently revealed how he really feels about Neil Peart. Lee added, “This is a peek at the book’s introduction to these truly original and rare birds. And check out some of the stunning custom colours! Inverness Green, Cardinal Red, Frost Blue, and Golden Mist Poly and on and on…Who knew? I didn’t ! To order one of 2 versions of the BBBoB including a signed Limited Edition just click the link in the bio! Or look for them at your local bookshop! If it’s not there order it!! #BBBoB #werebackbaby ! #geddyleesbigbeautifulbookofbass #vintagebasses #GibsonThunderbirds #Gibson #ReverseTbirds #NonreverseTbirds #bassporn #rarebirds #whoknew ? #Gibsoncustomcolours #midcenturymodern #Thunderbirdsarego #signedlimitededition #bigbottom #somebirdsdontfly #RayDietrich #youwantaneffinbigbeautifulbassbook #reallyyoudo.” Geddy Lee recently revealed how long he’d want Rush reunion tour shows to last.