Freddie Mercury Crazy Young Boys Party Photo Revealed


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury was such a great guy that he dressed up in a crazy music video outfit for a young boy’s birthday party! Freddie Mercury called out a money lie before his death in a rare interview. Freddie Mercury Club reported:

I have already posted stories told by Freddie Mack who was Freddie’s godson and Rheinhold Mack’s son. This post is about Mack’s older son Julian.

FYI: Reinhold Mack is the German music producer who worked with Queen for years producing albums like The Game, Hot Space, and The Works. He also produced Freddie’s solo album and during Freddie’s Munich years Mack and his family were like Freddie’s own family as he spent a lot of time with them and all his three sons. Freddie Mercury revealing the worst disease in the world was revealed a few days ago.

Here’s the story behind these two photos in Mack’s own words:

One day Freddie asked Mack’s older son Julian what he wanted for his birthday. “Julian said to him, ‘All I want is for you to show up to my party in the costume from the ‘It’s a Hard Life’ video.’ And he did! Well, he didn’t come to the door in the costume. I heard him changing in my bedroom [muttering], ‘I can do this on stage. I can do this at this party…’”

P.S. Can you believe a rock god like Freddie would actually do something like that just to make a kid happy on his birthday?

Yes that’s the kind of man Freddie was. He was larger than life but he was the sweetest most considerate and gentle person with the biggest heart ever. ❤
I mean just look at that wide smile on Julian’s face…you know that kid’s life was made forever that day. Freddie Mercury’s boyfriend revealing a photo of him ‘pale’ in 1991 before he died from AIDS was recently revealed.