Rush Confirm Where ‘Recluse’ Neil Peart Is Hiding


Iconic Rush drummer Neil Peart (whose ridiculous car was recently revealed) has become a recluse from the music business and as a public figure since his 2015 retirement, but according to new a new Classic Rock magazine article on Geddy Lee’s book signings, he is enjoying retirement in the ‘coves of Santa Monica.’ Geddy Lee revealed a huge Neil Peart comeback project yesterday.

Classic Rock said, “It’s been four years since Rush’s R40 tour rolled out of Los Angeles and out of sight forever. As brilliantly as Rush had blown up, they retreated from the world with a quiet dignity. It’s true to say that Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson held out of hope of a reunion, but Neil Peart’s promise of one final tour was steadfast and the drummer and lyricist retreated into retirement in the coves of Santa Monica.” Lee also recently revealed his favorite drug.

The article also said, “Most of the crowd have drifted away by the time Geddy and Meg take the back exit of the book shop to head to dinner. There are just three punters left, clutching old gig tickets, record sleeves and concert programmes. Meg, with the kind of speed you’d associate with a Ninja, negotiates them down to one piece of memorabilia apiece for Geddy to sign. One hesitates, helplessly holding up a programme and gig ticket, looking from one to the other before his friend remonstrates with him: “Man, don’t fuck this up for us!” He eventually opts for the programme.” You can read Classic Rock Magazine for the full article.