Guns N’ Roses Confirm ‘Terrifying’ Axl Rose Accident


Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan revealed how Axl Rose refused to cancel the ‘Not In This Lifetime’ reunion tour despite breaking his foot at their comeback gig in Los Angeles on April 1, 2016 in a new Classic Rock magazine interview. Slash ‘tearing apart’ Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy was just revealed.

Classic Rock said, “But the tour did not get off to the best of starts.” McKagan responded, “Yeah, right? Axl broke his f**king foot in our first show [at the Troubadour in LA]. But he said right away that he wanted to continue the tour. As a singer, you stand up, put your shoulders back and chest out and you sing. But he figured it out. Sitting down, contracted, I don’t know how he did it. And not just got though it, he did it well. And at the same time we had other things going on…”

Shotsfiredcro posted in response to Duff not giving any details on the new GNR album, “Bottom line – there is a huge difference between how we ‘the die hards’ see the band and everyone else. Truth be told, all GNR authentic stuff that rattled the world had Izzy on it. Once everyone was gone and Ax thought he was GNR it resulted in an EPIC train wreck.

When Iz left, happens, he left on his own terms – I could understand, they got Gilby and I saw 91-94 still as a band. Now Iz not being there and no Gilby 57 guitarists down the line and Fortus in the band, I see them as Ax/Slash/Duff playing tributes to GNR in a revolving door/everyone gets a chance to play.

If they could not make things work out with Iz, they should have continued with the band Duff/Slash left. I see some people argue Duff or Steve being more vital. Hell, on UYI’s Sorum sound was more vital than Duff. Take a listen, YCBM, Double talkin jive, Back off, Perfect crime, Dead Horse, Breakdown, Locomotive…

Nonetheless, I don’t see this line up being able to pull together an album on the level of AFD-UYI and honestly, despite Du$$ money hunger – I think he kinda admits that. 4 years down he says for the first time ‘didn’t work out this tour’. On the other hand, between playing on or recording, I don’t see them doing the later. Whenever Ax tix sales went down – he always pulled out the line up trick.”

Draguns then defended Duff and company, “Who is to say that they won’t pull off a good to great album? You and no one else has the answer to that. At least it’ll have the GNR sound. CD didn’t have that. For me, I see it as unfinished business for Axl, Slash, and Duff. I don’t think they want TSI to be known as their last album. No matter what I’m looking forward to it when it’s released.” Guns N’ Roses just revealed why Izzy Stradlin is really ‘gone’ from the band.