Freddie Mercury ‘Gaunt’ AIDS Video Revealed


Freddie Mercury Club have posted a story and video about what happened after Freddie Mercury got AIDS. Freddie Mercury making a ‘morbid’ AIDS death remark was recently revealed.

On October 9th 1989, exactly 30 years ago today, Queen released “Scandal” as the fourth single from The Miracle album.

Written by Brian May, the song peaked at #25 in the UK. Scandal is about the unwanted attention Brian May and Freddie Mercury received from the press in the late 1980s, involving May’s divorce from his first wife, Chrissie Mullen, and his affair with actress Anita Dobson, and growing media speculation about Mercury’s health.

Mercury had tested positive for HIV in 1987, and did not announce he was suffering from the virus until the day before his death in November 1991, but changes in his appearance, particularly weight loss, helped fuel speculation that he was ill. A disturbing Freddie Mercury burial claim was recently revealed.

Both Brian’s musical recording (keyboards and guitars) and Freddie’s vocals were done in one take. The video for the song featured the band performing on a stage designed to look like a newspaper – it was filmed at Pinewood Studios in September 1989, and is notable for Mercury’s “gaunt” appearance.

P.S. Ok first of all I hate how the review describes Freddie as “gaunt” here cause even though he is thinner at this point he is still bursting with mind-blowing energy and charisma as he rocks upon that studio. And his voice is stronger than ever…shivers.

Brian heavy guitar sound also gives a depth to the whole song. I posted this part because it includes my favorite part of the lyrics. So true and so haunting when heard in Freddie’s voice: ‘Today the headlines, tomorrow hard times, and no one really knows the truth from the lies…'” Freddie Mercury flirting with girls was recently detailed.