Greta Van Fleet Member Horrible Illness Revealed


Greta Van Fleet have cancelled the following show in New Orleans, Louisiana due to illness. The band took to social media the via Twitter to make the following announcement regarding the cancellation. A Greta Van Fleet singer falls onstage in this brutal video. While fans who originally bought tickets to the show will get a full refund at the point of purchase, those who have tickets for the cancelled show will be able to use them for the make up date which was announced to take place on December 20th. You can view the official statement below. A Tool producer revealed who Greta Van Fleet ripped off earlier this week.

“It is with heavy hearts we must announce tonight’s revelry in New Orleans is postponed to December 20 at UNO Lakefront Arena due to illness. Our sincerest apologies for this turn of events. Your tickets will be honored at the later date, otherwise, refunds are available at point of purchase. Terribly disappointed to miss you but look forward to a spirited return to make up for time lost together. Nashville, we are hoping to feel whole by Sunday to continue the March of The Peaceful Army.”

In other Greta Van Fleet news, fans took to the Greta Van Fleet subreddit to discuss the possibility of there being a Greta Van Fleet movie in the same way we have seen biopics about Queen and Elton John in the distant future. Greta Van Fleet suffered an embarrassing accident at a recent show.

Mammat12 stated “As Josh says…anything is possible my only regret would be I’m too old now to see it in 50 years. But my fervent prayer is that their talent and success continue to rise that they get accolades they so truly deserve and that they get through the craziness and ugliness that this business can present unscathed and unaffected by the greed manipulators and pitfalls of success….it is not an easy feat but if they stay true to who and what they are…,…anything is possible… …light .. positivity”

Lifelongbruxr said: “GVF are more like RUSH with their off stage personas—-very wholesome Midwest guys that are doing what they love touring the world to sold out shows. I like they are grounded and don’t follow the typical rockstar path/way but it’s hardly movie material. What would a movie about them be about?”

Ba11istiKa replied: “I hate to sound like an asshole, but dude, how does this even come into your mind? Like, ok yes, if GVF does well it would make sense in a long time that it might happen, but as a fan of the band right now (in their early stages), it’s such a WEIRD thing to think about. We all want to have positive/high hopes for the band but who is ALREADY thinking about…a… of them?”