Steven Tyler Makes Disturbing Health Announcement


Steven Tyler announced at a recent Aerosmith show, according to Aeroforce forum fan reports, that bandmate Joey Kramer has broken his foot, and that is why he is missing several shows on the band’s east coast tour. Kramer also missed a few Las Vegas ‘Deuces Are Wild’ shows earlier this year due to an undisclosed health issue. Despite breaking his foot, Kramer made a surprise appearance onstage in a video uploaded that also features Tyler and Joe Perry fighting and yelling at each other.

Joe Perry recently told Worcester Mag why Aerosmith shake up their setlist.

“We realize a lot of fans that come to see us don’t go back to the ’70s and a lot of fans know us after we got back together again (Perry left Aerosmith in 1979 and returned in 1984), Run-D.M.C. (whose collaboration on Aerosmith’s ’70s hit “Walk This Way” was huge in 1986) , the MTV era (with massive hits that included “Crazy, Crying” and the band’s number one smash, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”) and and all that,”

Perry surmised. “We, kind of, look at those early songs, almost like new songs. So, we’re plugging those into the set. And we can tell. Some people out there, they are not familiar with those songs but we’re playing them the way that we would have played them way back in 1974. And, we just bring it on home.” An Aerosmith member revealed what Sting really did to The Police last week.