Gavin Rossdale Daughter ‘Leopard Skin’ Swimsuit Photo Leaks


Bush singer Gavin Rossdale‘s daughter Daisy Lowe recently posted a leopard skin swimsuit photo on social media. She wrote, “I love the big blue @domesmiramare @globeandtrottercom 💙 📸 @pearllowe.” Gavin Rossdale recently reacted to a gross Michael Jackson daughter photo.

Bush fans on Facebook recently celebrated the 18th anniversary of Golden State. Marianna Mastropierro posted, “Happy 18th b-day to this album!!! A good one, okay, even though, imho..the least favourite of mine..if compared to, say.. 16Stone, Sea of Memories, and Black and White rainbows..Some songs still work great when played live (People that we love).

The impression I had, when it came out..was that the band was desperately trying to go back to their 16Stone style, after experimenting with electronic with Science of Things..but of course 2002 could NEVER be a rerun of…Music scene had changed A LOT in the meanwhile..and , ironically, things were meant to change for the band too, when NIgel left before the tour, Chris stepped in, then a 10 years break..well…sometimes the lowest points must be seen as the start of something stronger and better. 😉 In their case, the new improved lineup and a badass album like Sea of Memories…

Fans also recently discussed the 23rd anniversary of Razorblade Suitcase.

Reuben Parlane posted, “Swallowed is my go-to, but History, Synapse and Distant Voices are still strong tracks.

I love this album immensely for being the soundtrack of my 17th year and a summer of good times with a few friends who’ve passed on now. It also marks the time I saw Bush play in Auckland, New Zealand in November 1996.

To me it’s also one of the last (if not last) albums of era before all the post-grunge refinement of polished sounds kicked in – I remember tracks from this on the radio being jammed between stuff like Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind, Matchbox 20, etc. so it stood out much more.

Kyle Weddle “Bone driven” and “straight, no chaser” are your best songs ever! Do not know why they don’t get the love they deserve. Everyone is always loving on your most known songs which are awesome too. But the two songs I listed need a lot of attention now.” Howard Stern recently leaked a sad Chris Cornell and Gavin Rossdale claim.