Gavin Rossdale Reveals Why He Misses Scott Weiland


Scott Weiland photo credit: Corey Hickok

In a recent Instagram post, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale discussed missing Scott Weiland as Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Cult kick off their Revolution 3 tour. The tour features the trio of bands rotating each night who headlines.

“Rev 3 is going to be awesome- STP are on fire -whilst never forgetting the greatness of Scott -always missed -❤️?❤️”

Post-Gazette wrote about a recent Revolution 3 tour show that STP opened, saying that the original Stone Temple Pilots with Scott Weiland alive would never have to open for Bush and The Cult.

“A legit STP wouldn’t be opening for Bush and The Cult, but the Revolution 3 Tour, which isn’t all that revolutionary, unless you consider throwing an ‘80s band in with two ‘90s bands revolutionary, has them at equal, triple-headlining status.

It wasn’t the concert event of the summer. It was just an enjoyable, four-hour, hit-filled rock show from three bands still in fine shape — with the exception, of course, of Stone Temple Pilots’ singer being dead. STP has suffered some tragedy there, losing Scott Weiland in 2015, and then his part-time replacement, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, last year. (The timeline is a bit more complicated than that.)

STP has gone the talent show route, plucking Jeff Gutt from metal band Dry Cell and the 2012 season of ‘The X Factor.’ Somehow, there’s a supply of singers out there who look and sound sufficiently like the originals. While Gutt lacks the menace of Weiland, and presumably the drug issues, he is not without swagger. He wears the aviators well and does this foot up on the monitor pose with a little shoulder swivel.

‘We are Stone Temple Pilots,’ he declared, without wavering, and his confidence seemed to build as the hour wore on.”