Howard Stern Tries To Interview Chris Cornell’s Ghost


Howard Stern stated on his show Monday that he wants to interview the ghost of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell. Below is a recap via

Howard said he was listening to Lithium and they played a Soundgarden song and he’s still having trouble dealing with Chris Cornell killing himself. Fred played the song he was talking about and Howard continued to talk about how much trouble he’s having wrapping his head around that whole thing. Howard said the guy had so much talent and he killed himself. He said he can’t wrap his head around it. Howard said this song was ”The Day I Tried To Live.” He said maybe he had thoughts of suicide back then. Robin said she’s sure he did.

Howard said he’s going to get a psychic in there in the fall and try to contact Chris. He said maybe he’ll get that Long Island Medium in there. Howard told Gary to get him one of those scam… He means one of those psychics. Gary said the psychic Tyler Henry wants to come on the show. Gary said he claims he might be able to contact Eric the Actor. Robin said that if he has the ability he must be able to get in contact with anyone. Gary read a note about what the guy’s agent suggested he can do on the show.

Howard asked how old that kid is. Gary said he’ll check. Howard said he looks like the kid in Home Alone. Howard said he’d have a hard time not throwing up if he came in. Gary said he’s 22. Howard asked if he fleeces or tells people he can contact the dead for regular people. Gary said he claimed to talk to Alan Thicke about a heart problem. Howard said he’s not sure how anyone takes that stuff seriously. He said they look like idiots when they believe the guy.

Howard said there is nothing more boring than getting a reading on the air. He said he had a woman on the show back in the 80s. He said this woman would come in and her shtick was that whenever she came in a feather would appear. He said she’d come in the studio and then a feather would magically appear. He said it was far away from her. Robin said that was Char. Howard said that’s right. He said he thought it was Cher but then Char walked in. Howard said he’d plunk down the phones and Char would do her shtick. He said she was good at it. He said she did the Regis and Kathie Lee show too and she had that whole thing going on there. Howard said he never was very good at it. He said he’d ask obvious things like ”I see you have a mother and a father…” and they’d call him out on that.

Howard said he really does want to talk to Chris Cornell. He said maybe he’ll have them all in there. Robin said some of them tell you your future. She said that their spirit sources know the future somehow. Howard said that doesn’t make sense.