Gene Simmons Daughter Looks Happy After Swimming In Photo


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the bubbly and cool Sophie Simmons exposed this jaw-dropping model shot. Simmons looks ravishing as ever as she poses for the camera after taking a dip and going for a lovely swim (or shower?). It’s simply marvelous to see Simmons get out of the winter blues and into a much warmer climate that is almost as hot than her! Gene Simmons’ wife recently confirmed this horrible firing news.

Simmons’ fans had this to say about the alluring outfit on Instagram. Shawnlewy44
wrote: “You keep stealing my heart and taking my breath away Sophie Simmons please pretty please be my girl, queen and my Christmas present.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter bends over in newly uncovered tight shorts photo. Whereas another fan said: “Beautiful young woman. Watched you grow up on the TV show”

In other news regarding Sophie’s father – Gene Simmons. Fans recently took to the Kiss subreddit to recently express their displeasure over the group’s classic 1975 live album entitled ‘Kiss Alive!’ The fan states: “[It is] super annoying that Kiss Alive! on Amazon music has non-live versions of songs mixed in somehow. [It] still has the Alive artwork but I swear it has some Alive 3 song versions. Versions off the debut and off unplugged. And this is all in the first ten songs. They need to fix this ****. Sophie Simmons was spotted showing off a smooch with her pooch.

To which another fellow fan replied: “You might want to clear out the Cache on your app, as all the tracks on my amazon music app seem okay.(i skipped around and looked at a few from Alive! 1, 2 and 3.); but occasionally if I’ve listened to an album all the way through with the display off because I’m driving, I find that the album track numbers aren’t there so that it won’t play in order any more until I clear out the Cache. Holy crap compilations are popular on this app. How the heck anyone sees “Hmm, Kissworld or Alive! I just don’t know?” is beyond me.”