Steven Tyler Looks Skinny In Photo After Rehab


Steven Tyler of the legendary band, Aerosmith was spotted on the South Shore getting some oysters at Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, Massachusetts. The restaurant posted photos on their personal Instagram, saying, “Love it when our friends visit us at work.”

It wasn’t too long ago that in May, the band announced the 74-year-old had voluntarily checked himself into rehab after a recent relapse. It’s great to see him doing better.

In his 2004 autobiography “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?” Tyler wrote much about how he began abusing substances around the age of 16. He was so into drugs that he’d set his alarm clock for 4 a.m., drop acid, fall back to sleep, and then tripped two hours later when he started his day.

As his band found success as they started getting more and more traction, and things only got wilder. He told Rolling Stone about riding a roller coaster with Jimi Hendrix as they both amplified the experience by doing poppers — chemical inhalants containing amyl nitrite which provide quick rushes of euphoria.

Fame only drove Tyler to chase highs more: “You hear your record on the radio and get caught up in the wow-ness of it all; you do a little blow,” he said. “And some beautiful girl and her girlfriend decide to enjoy each other as they whip out a needle, and you try shooting coke as you’re getting b****.”

So deep was Tyler’s addiction to blow that he couldn’t even get himself straight to sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” before a 2004 Red Sox game in his hometown of Boston. As he wrote in his memoir, he was “high as a kite” as the local National Guard flew F-16 jets overhead, and “the words were melting like candle wax against the blue sky.”

Heroin was less of a party drug for Tyler:” I was never a fan of shooting heroin,” he wrote. “I did it once in my vein. Mostly I shot it in my a**.”

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