Slash Reveals If Axl Rose Blamed Him For Guns N’ Roses Feud


In a new Guardian interview, Slash revealed that Axl Rose told him he was not to blame for their feud when Guns N’ Roses reunited.

For six years now, Slash has been a bandleader and, this time, there are fewer of the hangers-on who attached themselves to Guns and Velvet Revolver. “When Axl and I first got back together again and started talking about the issues that we had, the origins of them really went out to other people,” he says. “It wasn’t just because we were passing the buck – there were other entities involved that created a lot of havoc.”

He also discussed his sobriety.

But now he has moved on to being a kind of institution – friendly, smiley, sober – does he ever miss the days when he was dangerous? “I never looked at it like that. When I think back on all the different shit that’s gone on over the years – ending up in the hospital or on the floor with paramedics or all that bullshit – it got to a point where I finally got tired of all that and was not enjoying it any more. Trying really hard to come off as dangerous was never my thing. It was a label that was applied.”