Gene Simmons Confirms Stunning KISS Replacement


Acclaimed KISS bassist Gene Simmons gave his thoughts on a very hot topic recently in artificial intelligence [AI]. The ‘Demon’ recently made these comments via social media on Twitter showcasing realistic 3D printed figurine versions of his family, including his daughter – the highly talented and budding songstress Sophie Simmons! Simmons wrote on Twitter: “Can’t wait for AI to replace us in real life.” You can view the post below. Gene Simmons leaks brutal hospital bed video.

In other news regarding Gene Simmons and KISS, fans recently took to the KISSfaq fan fourm to discuss and debate whether or not the allegations of KISS lip-syncing will taint the group’s legacy. Fellow forum user, Jack Carter wrote: “When KISS are truly inactive – all bets will be off with fans and the media. The End of the Road tour will not age well and people will be talking about how the band that supposedly delivers the best closed out their career playing to a tape.”

Gene Simmons’ beach photo with young women leaks. The user continued: “There are KISS fans already complaining about how negative the FAQ and other sites are regarding KISS, so what do you think is going to happen when KISS isn’t doing anything and fans are able to be more objective and critical as time goes on and the warm and fuzzy feeling of the Farewell tour has worn off. I wouldn’t be surprised if the plug is pulled on this site.”

Whereas Much Too Soon mused: “Will ‘lip-syncing’ affect Kiss’ legacy? Nah. Only with the social media types and the we-are-always-right crowd..maybe. You can always count on them to call you names like clowns and sheep and question your integrity. Simply for wanting to communicate with other fans here about a band we really enjoy. Hardcore chat room veterans of tens of thousands of postings. “If we hate KISS you have to as well”

Gene Simmons loses weight’ in a stunning new photo. The user also said: “Twelve-thousand fans still attend per show and they’re commanding $100 per seat. Playing to 95% capacity. The general KISS fan doesn’t hunt every word the band uttered etc. Nor hold dear any arguments made on chat boards that usually de-evolve into cyber fights. As a veteran of every KISS US tour since 1975…the band never sounded better to me. The shows are always amazing. It’s just something I’m glad that I experienced in total.”