Gene Simmons Daughter Bad Photo Leaks: ‘I Don’t Look Good’


Gene Simmons daughter, the remarkable and astonishing Sophie Simmons is none too happy! The budding songstress and daughter of the kiss legend took to social media via Instagram to unload and rant regarding on photo that she recently uploaded. Gene Simmons’ daughter leaks painful video of dad.

Simmons wasn’t too pleased about the edit that went into the photo claiming that it showed off her ‘baby face’ and that she ‘didn’t look good.’ We definitely disagree and think you look as pretty as a picture, Sophie!

Simmons wrote on Twitter: “baby face forever Thanks to whoever did this edit of me. i definitely don’t look this good.”

Gene Simmons daughter wardrobe malfunction revealed. In other news revolving Sophie’s rocker father Gene Simmons, fans recently took to social media to reflect on the group’s landmark live album, Alive. One fan said: “On an evening in the spring of 1977 my dad drove me to the Menlo Park mall in New Jersey. It was the first time I was ever in a real record store. It was dark and mysterious and my dad was going to buy me a KISS album – my first real album (not a 45rpm). I picked out KISS Alive! Double album that opened up, big booklet, so many songs. I was blown away.

Gene Simmons’ daughter most recently bent over in this tight shorts photo. The fan continued: “I was allowed to listen to a few songs on the turntable in the living before bedtime. My dad told me no one would be listening to the band in 10 years because they were just a fad. Winter came quick and I shoveled snow around my neighborhood to make money so I could buy KISS records. I haven’t heard this record in over 30 years and now I’m happy to have it on CD. This stuff is pure early 70’s hard-driving rock. Thick, murky, catchy, and fun. If you love this record, check out “All the World’s a Stage” by Rush. It’s their double live album recorded in 1975 (recorded around the same time as Alive!). Both albums capture a perfect 1970’s hard-rocking sound and have the same drive and feel.”