Gene Simmons Daughter ‘Broken’ In Messy Hair Photo


Gene Simmons, frontman of KISS as previously reported had a bit of health scare where he was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California to remove a few kidney stones. Gene Simmons got ‘lucky’ with this woman in this recent video. The procedure, however, was a success and Mr. Simmons should get back to rock and rollin’ all night and partying every day in no time. Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie also a ‘broken’ messy hair photo (she still looks hot, even with messy hair!), writing, “push the glass off the table just to see it crack. i want to be close to something more broken than i am 🎶 #NewMusicOctober.” Following the procedure, Simmons’ wife, Shannon Lee Tweed Simmons took to social media via Instagram to give the entire KISS army and rock fans alike an update by posting this update on Gene’s health – a photo in which he is in a wheelchair following the operation. Gene Simmons’ daughter looked like a cat in this surprising new photo. The full picture can be viewed below:

Gene is stealing socks from the hospital

In other KISS news, fans on the official Facebook page for the band were discussing their favorite KISS memory:

Dave mentioned: “Can’t remember the year but In Melbourne when Ace and Eric were in the band and the ripped into Let me go rock n roll. The “jam” at the end of the song was magnificent, inspiring. For that particular moment, Ace was on fire and the band gelled completely.”

Joe put: “When I went to see the reunion tour in Memphis, I had a tank top that a friend airbrushed for me of Eric Carr and I stuck the program into the shirt and held it up as Paul was within sight of where I was at. He looked over and put his hand on his heart. That was one of the amazing moments that I experienced at a Kiss concert. The other one was on the first farewell tour in Charleston, WV. I lived in Memphis at the time, managing a music store. My cousin calls me and asked me if I wanted to go see Kiss with him. I said, of course, so I packed my bag, closed the store for the night and started driving. 12 hours later I was in WV. We went to Charleston, early and we had crappy nosebleed tickets. But a radio station was having a banner contest, and the winners got front row seats, etc. So we started talking to people while we waited for the show and these guys had a banner to enter into the contest. And they said that if they won, they would swap our tickets for their original tickets and keep ours for souvenirs. Well, guess what? They did win, and we ended up with floor seats close enough for me to catch one of Paul’s guitar picks!! That’s my other favorite Kiss concert moment.

Finally, Sam said: “Farewell Tour, Cedar Rapids. We’re in front. One of the Skid Row guys walks by in the security pit, goes to the center, and watches the show. Girl with me is looking down at him and freaking out. I roll my eyes and turn back to the stage to see Gene Simmons leering over us, staring straight at her. I tap her on the shoulder and point up. She looks up and he mouths at her “YOU’RE supposed to be looking at ME.” Greatest concert moment ever.